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Govrn Movement

Our movement is made up of many different channels to get involved! Our movement is made up of everyone from constituents, to researchers, grass root organizers, politicians, and many more - all connected by their drive to prioritize real change over politics.

If that sounds like something you could get behind, come join the community that sounds right for you.

📣 Govrn Updates

This is our medium blog where we post updates and announcements about Govrn! Check it out and follow us to stay up to date on all the latest things Govrn!

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🗞️ Govrnance Substack

Govrnance is our substack publication where we publish ideas, guest posts, and features around the future of politics and governance. Additionally, this is where we will be publishing each section of our White Paper!

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✍️ White Paper Hub

We are writing our Governance White Paper collaboratively with the community in an open source style. Here is the hub to all the relevant information regarding the white paper, including current and previous/upcoming sections, how to get involved in the editing process, and FAQ.

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🌎 Community Hub

There are many different communities in the Govrn Movement. Find your community in the Govrn Movement and start connecting with other like minded people. Click below to learn more about each community.

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