Campaign Finance Fixed


Everyone should be able to participate in the political process, Govrn enables you to do that by providing outcome based political donations.  

In other words - we take tools that large lobbying groups and PACs have and give them to everyone.


Broken Feedback Loop - Govrn


There is currently a broken feedback loop between you and your politicians. Politicians spend too much time “dialing for dollars” - leaving constituents limited in the way that we can give feedback to our politicians. Even when we can give feedback - we rarely know if they listen to us.

Giving Power Back - Govrn


When we are left with no way to give feedback, we feel like we’re being ignored and are powerless. We help give the power back to you



To fix this issue - we are creating a platform to allow you to participate in outcome based donations, or what we call Channels. Channels are donations that require an outcome or metric to be reached before the politician receives your donation. This ensures that politicians hear your feedback and are accountable to you.


Cause Driven

Govrn’s donation channels are cause driven, not politics driven. We believe in donating to politicians that are successfully fixing the issues we care about. This means the politician only gets your donation when they take actual action.

Peer to Peer

All Govrn donation channels are directly Peer to Peer, cutting out any intermediary or special interest groups. This means that no matter what, the money you donate is going to be used for the channel you donate through. Additionally, this means the politician has to appeal to YOU, not any other large special interest group, for donations.

Metric Driven

Govrn’s donation channels are all contingent on the politician accomplishing a metric. For example, if the channel requires that homelessness is reduced by 2%, the politician only gets the donation if homelessness is reduced by 2%. This drives accountability from the politician to follow thru and actually deliver results