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Act with confidence. Use Govrn to fix the issues you care most about and ensure your leaders do the same.

Our political system is broken

When you donate to a politician, there's no way to tell them why you're donating to them or ensure our leaders act on it. You can call in, attend town halls, sign petitions and even donate to non profits - but at the end of the day, we don't see any change.

Introducing: Outcome Based Donations

At Govrn, we're fixing the way you support causes you care about with Outcome-Based Donations.

It's simple: Tell your leaders what you want them to fix, then they only receive your donation when they fix your issue.

How Outcome Based Donations Work

Donate to an outcome you care about.
We find the best metric and goal to achieve that outcome.
Your donation only goes through if the politician achieves the goal.

Your voice matters

Everyone should be able to create change, it shouldn't require a Political Science Degree, hours researching politicians, and a Ouija Board.

We take the politics out of politics and level the playing field.
In other words - we take the tools that Lobbyists and PACs have, and give them to you.

We bring everyone to the table.

You want to make change, but you don't know where to start.
You've donated, you've acted, you've tried it all - but still feel powerless.
Use Govrn's tools to finally be heard.
Access to PAMs and OBDs
PACs are for your grandma. PAMs (Political Action Movements) allow you to come together with other citizens and create change using OBDs together.
Govrn Movement Email
Hate receiving a billion emails after you support a Non-Profit or Politician? So do we.
We give you a Govrn Movement Email address to use for all your political and social causes, so you have one portal for it all.
We work for you
We're not funded through any Political Party. This means we are always doing what's best for you, no one else.
Whether it's your job or your passion, you spend hours reading the articles, helping your friends fill out their ballots, and showing up to rally's. You try to manage it all, but it's nearly impossible to engage your audience without spending hours managing it.
We think it should be easier for you to lead.
One Portal for Everything
We create one place for you to engage people across social platforms with one message.
Turn Social Activism into Political Change
You should be able to focus on galvanizing your audience. We focus on building the tools you need to turn that into real change.
Earn a Living
We believe people should get paid for doing good work and making the world a better place. Turn your passion into purpose.
This is your job - you live this day in and day out. You've led movements and you've researched the right objectives and found the solutions that aren't "politically exciting".
We think your voice should be louder.
One Portal
One place to engage your audience and manage your channels.
Everything in the box
A wealth of styles and elements makes Ollie perfect for building websites for small, medium and large businesses.
Built for teamwork
Build with confidence and take advantage of Webflow’s vast library of tutorials.
We know the truth. You want to work for the people, but don't know how to find them. Until then, you're trapped in the politics and election cycle of campaign finance.
We help you break the cycle and get back to what you do best, serving the people.
Fundraise around outcomes
Increase your fundraising by fundraising around outcomes, not sound bites. People want to donate to you solving an issue, not an interview you did on CNN once.
Built for community
Govrn's allows you to work directly with your constituents and community, allowing you to co-create change and outcomes together.
This is your chance
This is your chance to make your mark. Don't let yourself fall into the "politics as usual" trap. Make your mark by working for the people, not Big Money Interests.
People Focused

We are people powered

Built for you
This platform is built by you, for you, and with you. With Govrn, you are the master of your fate.
Govrn is a non-partisan platform. We care more about achieving outcomes than "being right."
Control your money
Donate with confidence knowing that you are in control of your money.
Defined by Outcomes
Govrn is outcome driven, meaning you define the outcomes that are important to your politicians, not the other way around.
Accountable to You
Accountability should be standard, not an afterthought. Thats why our platform keeps politicians accountable to you.
Data Driven
Our donations are data driven. Worry less knowing your donation is "smart".

Featured Outcome Based Donation

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Leaders love Govrn

Our Govrn Leaders are the best in the business...

... but seriously leaders do love Govrn.

We know it's hard to both engage your followers, lead a movement, and create meaningful change in politics.

We want to make it easier to be a leader and create change, no matter if you're a Politician, a Community Leader, Social Activist, Researcher, Grassroots Organizer or a Passionate Citizen.

We're building tools to make it easier to turn Research and Activism into Political Movements.

If this sounds like you, click below for more information.
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“Forget about the Federalist Papers, I'm all about them Govrn Papers.”
James Madison
OG Govrn ChangeMaker
“The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of Govrn on them.”
Ida B. Wells
OG Govrn ChangeMaker
“I wish Govrn was around when I was a kid. Would've made things way easier.”
Mahatma Gandhi
OG Govrn ChangeMaker
“To 'Govern' is so 1800's; to 'Govrn' is the future.”
Frederick Douglass
OG Govrn ChangeMaker
“This is the room I want to be in.”
Alexander Hamilton
OG Govrn ChangeMaker
Build fast, launch faster

They use Govrn to create the change they want.

Govrn is the easiest way for you to create positive change in your community. Find the change you care about, and fund it only once the outcome is achieved.
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